A Magical Beach Sunset Memory

My monsoon tradition is that I have at least one weekend away in the rains. So this August, a group of friends and I set out to Nagaon, Maharashtra. A small, cozy, coastal village, less than 10 kilometers from Alibaug, Nagaon’s beach is called Akshi. After checking in to our bunglow for the weekend, we decided to explore our way to the beach. About half an hour, two direction enquiries, a few pictures and a short run later, we came upon the beach. Continue reading

Weekend in a valley!

Back from two days and nights of what seemed like a parallel universe. No cell phone network, technology or civilization is the highlight. It was a trip where your need for survival/to keep moving forward overcomes all fears and hesitations. An awesome experience it is to challenge yourself, work some muscles like never before and still succeed with nothing lost only memories and proud moments of joy to take back. My only regrets are losing a dear friends sleeping bag not being able to save another good friend from falling, the fact that it was a moonless night and not having a flat surface for a bed.

Samrad Village

Base Village

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