A Magical Beach Sunset Memory

My monsoon tradition is that I have at least one weekend away in the rains. So this August, a group of friends and I set out to Nagaon, Maharashtra. A small, cozy, coastal village, less than 10 kilometers from Alibaug, Nagaon’s beach is called Akshi. After checking in to our bunglow for the weekend, we decided to explore our way to the beach. About half an hour, two direction enquiries, a few pictures and a short run later, we came upon the beach. Continue reading

We all need a little help…

Hey guys,

My year of further studies comes to a close this May; if I want that Uni Certificate I’m gonna have to submit a thesis. Call it my strength or weakness, I usually leave my work for the last minute as I am self-proclaimed to work best under stress. So, tomorrow is the last day that I have to put the ‘Black Book’ together and still a lot to do. When deciding what topic to pick I immediately knew it would be this coz there are only so many issues one can care about. Below is an intro to my topic so feel free to read, give feedback, suggestions, data, whatever 😛

Sometime ago, the articles floating around Social media about the ever-sleeping-child in the arms of beggars spiked my interest in street children. Continue reading


Mumbai – the city of dreams, home to me and million others; And I’m not just talking about those who live here permanently but the numerous others as well who work, study, visit and keep coming back for more. Home, where you’re happy, you belong, you don’t care how clean or safe or whatever, you just fit, just feel right…


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The Mysterious Flower at my Window


Budding Orchid Cactus as on 10-09-2013


As on 10-10-2013


This lovely flower bloomed at my window on the night of October 11, 2013. All this while, we have been calling it “Bethlehem flower” whereas friends whom I’ve shown it to called it “Brahma Kamal”. So as always, before I post pictures online, I began to research and realized there’s so much misinformation and myths on the internet; so many beautiful videos, articles, and blogs on this flower but the content is so confusing and different all over. Continue reading

Of Goodbyes & Welcomes…


Almost a month since I wrote, so here goes…

Wrote this part on my birthday but dint get the chance to complete it –

“It’s 16th September!! A.K.A. the biggest day of the year, for me. Even the date makes me so happy. Most years I get so excited even before the day has come that it eventually turns out to be a disappointment. This year, thankfully, it was different. At 00.00 hours I was on my way home on an almost empty, J.P. road on the scooter! Bringing in the birthday with something I love (bike rides) & someone I love (the boyfriend) plus the cool breeze – priceless!! Definitely one of the best starts to any birthday I’ve had.” Continue reading

Weekend in a valley!

Back from two days and nights of what seemed like a parallel universe. No cell phone network, technology or civilization is the highlight. It was a trip where your need for survival/to keep moving forward overcomes all fears and hesitations. An awesome experience it is to challenge yourself, work some muscles like never before and still succeed with nothing lost only memories and proud moments of joy to take back. My only regrets are losing a dear friends sleeping bag not being able to save another good friend from falling, the fact that it was a moonless night and not having a flat surface for a bed.

Samrad Village

Base Village

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September 2012 …

September 2012 is here; and although there’s nothing really special about this year, it seems like a milestone of sorts. I personally love September bcoz of the climate, and well, birthdays make me happy. So last week, with some encouragement from a colleague, I decided to make a checklist of stuff I’ve wanted to do since sometime now and get them done before I begin my 24th year here, on planet Earth.

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