Do You Believe in Magic?

There’s magic all around

It’s in the little things that we overlook each day. The glowing moon that visits every now and then, sometimes playing peek-a-boo with the cloudy sky or simply shining brightly through the unknown realms of the universe. You can even feel the magic on a clear, moonless, star-studded night sky, feel it in the cool winter breeze, and in genuine smiles from happy hearts.

These are just a few of my favourite examples. Recently, I found magic in the most unexpected place. On my longest vacation yet, I went in with my eyes wide open and my mind blank to make memories that would last a lifetime. It’s funny, having no expectations can turn out to be so much better than anything you’d imagine.

Probably for the first time in years, over-thinking, over-analysing and judgments took a vacation. The always organised, paranoid voice decided to take a walk – A walk in the dark, under starry skies without so much as a flashlight. Sometimes, there was a buildup of anticipation and excitement, the darkness came through. It comforted, it warmed, it kissed me and touched my core. It revealed a place I’ve never been before, a part of my soul. The night woke me up and I could see clearly as if my sight was magically heightened.

And I smiled, an endless smile.


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