A Little Time Away…

Going through old notes, I found this one I had written about 2 years ago. It made me realise, so much has changed, I have changed, travelled, grown in just 2 years. Funny how so many years were seemingly stagnant and just 24 months made such a huge splash.

“The best part of a vacation or weekend getaway for me is the few minutes I get by myself. By that, I mean out of earshot and sight from the rest of the group. That’s the closest I’ve come to being alone in a new place. Some of you might relate while others wonder what’s wrong with me. Well, nothing… that’s just normal for a lot of young people.

Today I did just that… I walked down a nature trail and found myself the perfect spot atop a flight of ruined stairs leading to a lake surrounded by trees and overgrown plants, all gleefully green from a fresh rain. As I sat there, I thought about this, about how amazing it felt being there alone with my thoughts and the sounds of the birds singing and trees dancing in the wind. It was surreal. No other human in sight, just me alone surrounded by nature. It was the best feeling ever. This is what I long for the most.

So what is it that holds me back from travelling alone? I want to say Fear – not of getting lost but of the unknown, of humans, the language barriers, and so much more; fear holds me back… Or at least stands like a huge block in my mind. But the very thought of being a globetrotter brings a sparkle to my eyes. So what do we do about it, to stop it – transform it from weakness to strength?”

Since then, I have lived in Dubai alone for about 6 months and got all the time away I wanted and needed. In April 2017, I went on my first business trip and it took me to Bangkok, Thailand and although I wasn’t alone, I felt the rush and happiness of being on my own in a new country with new people and it was wonderful. In February 2018, I traveled again for business, this time alone. Georgia is a unique Eurasian country that I was fortunate enough to travel to. So many of my wishes came true – staying alone in a hotel room, taking a walk alone on the city streets of a new country, dinner by myself, riding a cable car and snowmobile, the list goes on.

I can’t say I’ve conquered my fear of traveling alone but I’ve come a long way and don’t intend to stop here. I will always need some time away… 🙂

– M


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