When Will We Bring it Home?

Very motivated by my firangi “pen pal”, I decided to make a comeback with this piece about 2 things I’m very passionate about – football and my country.

We had a couple of chats about the football scene in India and how it is in fact much bigger than what is projected globally. It got me thinking… Why is Indian football lagging behind? Is football fairly new in the country – well, HELL NO!

Teams such as Mohun Bagan have been around since over 130 years! Calcutta, Goa, and Kerala have long been known to display their love for the game. Yet it seems like a dream to see our nation feature in a World Cup. Why is that?


One slightly obvious reason lingers – lack of the kind of money that goes into cricket. To say the least, if the Hero Intercontinental games had a marketing team behind them, the videos from Chettri and Kohli would not have been necessary. And that is our problem, never knowing what is worth the hype!

Well, football has been a big deal for some of us for such a long time now, I say it’s time we make some noise so the world knows we’re not defined by simply cricket, chai, and Bollywood. India needs the kind of support your favourite European club gets from you!

It. Is. Time.



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