A Magical Beach Sunset Memory

17855413_1287220221346657_7047678321425720494_oMy monsoon tradition is that I have at least one weekend away in the rains. So this August, a group of friends and I set out to Nagaon, Maharashtra. A small, cozy, coastal village, less than 10 kilometers from Alibaug, Nagaon’s beach is called Akshi. After checking in to our bunglow for the weekend, we decided to explore our way to the beach. About half an hour, two direction enquiries, a few pictures and a short run later, we came upon the beach.

It was a few minutes after sunset, no lampposts around, just one family in the distance and great dark clouds scaling the horizon. My senses jumped in excitement. It was an adventure of sorts. Never had I been to a beach this secluded. Never had I witnessed dusk to be this appealing. The tide was low, which is usually just fine; but here the waves looked like they were a mile away while the whole beach was wet from the previously high tide as well as rains. After walking till what seemed like the middle of the sea and still not touching the waves, I stopped. As I stood there staring into the horizon and the vast sky, wrapped with cool monsoon breeze, I thought about what a tiny speck in the universe I am. Something we tend to forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday. It made me feel free and calm knowing that there’s so much more and so much beauty in our universe. There’s so much we can’t control and have no clue about. The unknown. The universe. What’s truly out there, controlling all this we have and see…

Clouds, grey and white, of different shapes & sizes and at different altitudes floated above me. There was so much to see, I wished I could take a mental panorama. The little light of dusk managed to reflect the clouds onto the wet ocean floor. It was a feast for my eyes. For a moment I felt as if I were on the metaphorical sets of ‘Life of Pi’. As my mind amazed at the beauty before and above me, my sense of reason and responsibility began to act up. It was getting dark, pitch dark, there was no one around and almost all my friends were in the water, not at all within earshot, having the time of their lives.

We did manage to make it out safe and sound but thanks to the rain, without any pictures. It’s one of those rare moments when all you have is a mental picture, a memory well stored in the attempt to never forget.

I hope I painted a good enough picture for you with my words. If not, then consider this my monsoon travel tale. 🙂


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