Greener Pastures

On my recent weekend getaway to Badlapur, not more than 70 kms from home, I got to thinking… the people there seemed so different even though they’re just outside the city, imagine what the ones who live in deep rural areas must be like… and then it hit me!We’re all humans and we all definitely have one thing in common …

“Man’s continued search for satisfaction and that need to long for something other than what he already has – not better just different!”

It reaffirms the phrase “Grass is always greener on the other side”. Man is never satisfied with what he has; always wanting more, especially what he believes to be forbidden or impossible.

No wonder then the city guy longs for green pastures and starry skies, fresh air and landscapes as far as the eye can see; while the village guy pursues the fast paced city and fame. He may drive a little rickshaw in the outskirts of the city but one look into his eyes and you know he longs for all that glitters – the money and lifestyle of his idol, Honey Singh. We here, do the same, don’t we? Always looking for something else – what we consider better, never truly enjoying and giving what we have a chance… Be it education, career or relationships. We are always searching; whether we can handle it and have what it takes to make it happen is secondary.

Why aren’t we more like our animals and birds – take one day at a time? Why have we become so competitive? Why is everything about our world so commercial? Why must we relate MNCs, infrastructure and money with development? Aren’t these killing us faster? What is the purpose of our existence, then? We fulfill primary needs and move on to psychological needs, collect a lot of crap for materialistic wants, make more humans and die? Are we merely meant to humor the gods and/or aliens? Or does this hold a deeper significance? Something greater than our realm… Is this quality of longing given to us by our creator? Are we here for the greater good? Do we make a difference?


2 thoughts on “Greener Pastures

  1. Awesome.. very deep thought.
    Even Bhagwad gita says the same.
    we need to travel inside ourself to answer these.
    I still dont understand my purpose of life like many others.. and we die without knowing that.


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