About Love, My Love, Our Love…


‘What is Love?’ seems to have become the  clichéd question I’m still having trouble with. These days people claim to love everyone they have a good rapport with; for some it is impossibly hard unless they actually mean it from within. I am one of them.


Growing up in the early 90’s meant listening to endless love songs and watching epic love stories on screen. So it’s no wonder that many of us think we’ve got love figured out. But how possible or probable is that? What is love? Is it an exact science? Can it be defined? To my surprise it actually is!  But can a feeling be applied as defined to everyone? I believe not. So in my opinion love stands to be as subjective as tastes, habits, hobbies…

I’ve always thought Love is like a flower that can bloom in the most unexpected places; an unexplainable, magical out of this world feeling that sweeps you off your feet and takes you high, high above where unicorns fly around the moon and music plays in your heads and you dance like you’ve been doing that every day of your life and everything from that moment on would be good and peaceful and happy. Sounds crazy? What else did you expect with all the ‘Happy-Ending’ romcoms?


Well since ‘Love’ & ‘Relationships’ seem to go hand in hand, well, almost always; here’s some on that too…

Relationships are hard! Like really! They involve so much more than just caring and giving and sharing and receiving (courtesy: Joey :P). They also involve compromise, responsibility, sensitivity, trust, understanding and what not. Especially long term relationships where you as an individual grow, learn, change and struggle to stand on your own feet; that in itself brings a whole new level of issues to deal with as a couple.

So coming to why all this suddenly? This month we celebrate six years (since he asked me out); we’ve said our ‘I Love You’s ever since our second date I think. How did that happen? I have no clue; it just felt good, dreamy, safe and powerful that’s all I remember from that night. So about a month ago I started to wonder is this really true love? How much can you be sure about at 18 and for 6 years after? And if it is then why exactly do we love each other? Since I couldn’t think of how to figure this out I spent most of this anniversary discussing it with him (never done that before!) and it was fun! He says there’s no particular reason, and I can’t think of one either; all I can say is it just fits & feels right, time flies with him, you know! And most importantly it’s been 6 years that’s proof enough; no one hangs on to anything for that long unless it’s really good and worth it!

So finally, probably for the first time ever I’m sure about something; this, is Love! And I don’t know how much longer we have together or what lies in our futures but at least I know I Love him and intend to for a very long time. After all, he is the best friend I’ve ever had, no one knows me as well as him, no one has made me feel this good about myself and at the same time pointed out my shortcomings sensitively and listens to me, a lot! There, that’s gotta be why…



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