Of Goodbyes & Welcomes…


Almost a month since I wrote, so here goes…

Wrote this part on my birthday but dint get the chance to complete it –

“It’s 16th September!! A.K.A. the biggest day of the year, for me. Even the date makes me so happy. Most years I get so excited even before the day has come that it eventually turns out to be a disappointment. This year, thankfully, it was different. At 00.00 hours I was on my way home on an almost empty, J.P. road on the scooter! Bringing in the birthday with something I love (bike rides) & someone I love (the boyfriend) plus the cool breeze – priceless!! Definitely one of the best starts to any birthday I’ve had.”

So I’m sure if you’ve read my first blog you’re wondering if I fulfilled my list; well not entirely, but you already knew that. SLR – check, Camping – double check! Passport and Europe may take a while. The cake too dint happen, guess I’m not the baking kind, at least for now. And the tattoo…phew! Long story short, it hasn’t happened yet but it won’t be long before I’m inked ;)”. Well, after that, much has happened on the family front for good so all in all September was amazing, hope y’all agree.

And now, well, since the year is over here’s a quick visual recap –

Image Jan – my first airplane flight was pure bliss & it was also my first time to Mangalore, just in-time for the feast!


March – played Holi, shared one of my writings online and also visited the local zoo for the first time Image


April – first time to Elephanta Caves and a quick weekend in Goa


May – my first all u can eat buffet 😉

July – trip to LonavlaImage

August – Raksha bandhan, became an online shopper & tasted dragon fruit



Sep – First blog-post, camera & near-death experience at Chinchotti (is that a plane? No, it’s a flash flood!)



Oct – most amazing Bike trip to Satara and spent Dusshera with colleagues at a Durga pooja!



Nov – Completed 5 years in a relationship, phew! Diwali was special because of this Flower Rangoli we made at work!


Dec – started with my first time at rappelling and sleeping under the blanket of stars, meteor shower, X’mas and New Years Eve trek down Eden valley.




So many first, some lasts, lessons learnt, decisions made, by far the most interesting year I’ve had. But my streak of firsts hasn’t ended yet, began the New Year with staples on my chin & hitchhiking, and a week of sightseeing & wedding in Punjab. Hoping 2013 will be as exciting and fruitful even on a budget.



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