Weekend in a valley!

Back from two days and nights of what seemed like a parallel universe. No cell phone network, technology or civilization is the highlight. It was a trip where your need for survival/to keep moving forward overcomes all fears and hesitations. An awesome experience it is to challenge yourself, work some muscles like never before and still succeed with nothing lost only memories and proud moments of joy to take back. My only regrets are losing a dear friends sleeping bag not being able to save another good friend from falling, the fact that it was a moonless night and not having a flat surface for a bed.

Samrad Village
Base Village

Sandhan Valley
The valley
Human chain
Through the water we go
The scary Rappelling patch
Diamonds high above the valley
End of the valley
End of the valley
Near the pond
At the base the morning after
Google map
Satellite view of the valley

Highlights – trying against all odds to save the sleeping bag, trekking thru rocks after dark, lowering self into a narrow gap of about 10 feet in between rocks (ohh the claustrophobia), worry – since it had been hours that I hadn’t seen the boyfriend, trying little daredevil stunts jumping off rocks (against public advice), helping girlies, rappelling first time ever and clinging on to a rope for dear life (dint enjoy it coz it scared the crap out of me but at least I have no regrets) and watching the starry sky thru only a narrow gap in the valley.  Now all I have left are good memories, sore limbs, pride, clean lungs (not for long) and sadness for the sleeping bag and coz I dint get peaceful ‘me’ time. Overall a great TMI trek to Sandhan Valley with some really nice folks. Ohh and how cud I forget all of this would not be possible if I had to reach Dadar Station 4 minutes later than I did. 😉

In case you’re wondering, Sandhan Valley is situated in Samrad Village, Bhandardara, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.


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