September 2012 …

September 2012 is here; and although there’s nothing really special about this year, it seems like a milestone of sorts. I personally love September bcoz of the climate, and well, birthdays make me happy. So last week, with some encouragement from a colleague, I decided to make a checklist of stuff I’ve wanted to do since sometime now and get them done before I begin my 24th year here, on planet Earth.

Now that it’s on paper & with less than 15 days to go, the challenge begins. Luckily for me the first wasn’t complicated after all. Next, is getting me a DSLR (finally). Photography is my first love especially capturing nature; my first-ever capture was the Daman sea shore, it’s not perfect but I love it (will dig it up soon). At present, flowers are my obsession, as you can or will see 😉

Well, the rest of the list will fall into place, but for now this is all that’s on my mind. Ohh, and I went for my first-ever yoga class today which turned out to be Power Yoga *phew*, it felt great though, I struggled & almost managed to keep up with the regulars. It wasn’t on my list but there’s always time to try out something new 🙂

What’s on your list of things to do?

To firsts & another year!
~ Lynn


6 thoughts on “September 2012 …

  1. Merilyn! Impressed 🙂 Very well written too! I will accompany you when you are getting a tattoo and camping overnight sounds fun 😀


  2. Wowiiee….Love that uve finally broken out of ur same old regulars and looking foward to the start of something new. I will surely help u out wit the tattoo and mayb Europe…..
    Congratulaions and All the best to you on ur list and for “TherZ always a first time”
    Cheers to new beginnings…….


  3. Greeaat goinngg lynny:) Finally your OWN blog before your b’day…hehe.. Continue to do what you love the most..clicking piccss and the writing…:) goooodluck!!!


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